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Give your business a professional look with Power Networx inbound numbers.

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Perth-based support

Our support team are all based locally in Perth and are experts in inbound numbers so that your enquiries are answered quickly and promptly.


Business inbound numbers provide a professional image to your business and a national presence.

Smart call routing

Route calls based on the caller’s location to different territories or destinations.


Make your inbound business number stand out from the crowd with a memorable 13/1300 or 1800 number that your customers won’t forget.

Streamline your business communications with Power Networx inbound numbers. Inbound numbers are a memorable number that elevates your business’s image, allowing you to handle calls effortlessly whether in the office or on the move. Endless possibilities await! Opt for a 1300 number for a competitive edge, or go the extra mile with a toll-free 1800 number – your callers will adore you! For the pinnacle of excellence, explore our six-digit 13/18 numbers.

1300 numbers

A ten-digit number beginning with 1300, offering callers a nominal fixed cost when dialing from a landline. Mobile callers incur a similar fixed rate or a per-minute charge based on their mobile service provider.

1800 numbers

A ten-digit toll-free number starting with 1800, enabling callers to dial for free from landlines and increasingly offered as free with certain mobile calling plans.

13 numbers

Often referred to as "13" numbers, these six-digit numbers starting with 13 are akin to 1300 numbers. The key distinction lies in the additional Government levy (Annual Numbering Charge), which is applied monthly alongside the standard access fee due to the premium nature of these numbers (not to be confused with Smartnumbers®, which are separate).

18 numbers

The rarest of the four number types, 18 numbers are six digits in length, resembling 13 numbers but mirroring the 1800 counterpart in allowing callers to dial without incurring charges. Similar to 13 numbers, 18 numbers also involve a monthly Government levy.

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Total minimum cost $600 over 24 months

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