Mobile Support

Activating your new SIM

To activate your new Power Networx SIM, please call our service team on 1300 797 428 Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:00pm AWST.

Before you activate your new SIM, please take note of the following useful information:

Backup Your Contacts

SIM cards don’t typically store much information anymore, with contacts and personal information most likely saved to your device or somewhere in the cloud.

However, to ensure you do not lose any contacts that may still be on your old SIM, please ensure you copy or transfer this information before your new Power Networx SIM is activated.  The same can be said for any messages saved to your SIM – these will also be lost when changing to a Power Networx SIM. For instructions on saving these, please refer to your mobile phone user guide.

It’s a good idea to regularly backup information stored on your device, such as photos, music files, and messages.  Please refer to your device user guide for instructions on how to do this.

Voicemail & Diversions

You will lose all new and saved voicemail messages along with any greetings from the previous provider. Any diversions will also be lost, by default. When the Power Networx SIM is activated, diversions to voicemail 321 will be set.

Power Networx voice allows you to record a greeting that callers to your number will hear before leaving you a message. To set up voicemail, follow these steps:

Please note charges apply when using this service.

Call Waiting

This service allows you to place a call on hold, answer another incoming call and then switch between callers.

To turn on Call Waiting press *43#SEND

To turn off Call Waiting press #43#SEND

To check the status of Call Waiting press *#43#SEND

Call Forwarding

When your phone is switched off, out of range, you don’t answer or are busy, calls can be diverted to your Voicemail if enabled. However, if you want to divert your calls to another number, replace XX with one of the diversion codes listed below:

To activate Call Forward press **XX*<number for diversion>#SEND

To cancel Call Forward press ##XX#SEND

To check your diversion status press *#XX#SEND


Lost or stolen mobile phone

In the case of a lost or stolen mobile phone please contact us immediately on 1300 797 428 so we can suspend the mobile service and/or issue a new SIM card.


A lot of the times mobile issues can be sorted with some basic troubleshooting. Below are some simple steps that you can perform that may sort any issues that you are currently experiencing: