Panasonic Telephone Systems

Why choose Panasonic phone technology?

If you’re looking for a communication solution that is designed to meet the needs of your business, a Panasonic phone system can provide the answer.

We are proud to supply a wide range of Panasonic phone products, including full phone systems, the latest handsets, and DECT wireless handsets, ideal for those who need to make or take a large volume of calls each day.

From such a large and established name in the telecommunications industry, a Panasonic phone system enables you to design your telephone system around your needs. With so many different products and add-ons available, your phone system can grow with you as your business expands.

IP System
Internet-based technology enables you to centralize all your phone communications, making your business more efficient and cost-effective.
Hybrid System
A hybrid IP-PBX system combines all the best features from both IP and analogue telephone systems. You can keep all the traditional features you like best, as well as enjoying the improved speed, efficiency and value for money that IP technology offers.
Analogue System
Ideal for those working within a budget, a Panasonic analogue system enables you to improve on the telecoms you already have while making it easy for you to add better technology seamlessly in the future.

Benefits of a Panasonic phone system

Whether you’re looking for a wired or wireless solution, a Panasonic phone system will provide you with state-of-the- art equipment alongside all the features that make your working life easier.

From connecting other devices to including large numbers of users in a variety of locations, there is a Panasonic system to suit your needs and take your business into the future. And, with more people now working from home and needing to use video conferencing regularly, you need high-quality equipment and infrastructure to facilitate this. With the latest digital and analogue handsets and headsets, calls are easier to make and easier to hear, leading to a less stressful, more productive working life.